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martes, 11 de febrero de 2014

Olympic or sporting shooting

Target shooting is a sport that involves testing precision and concentration in handling a gun or compressed air . All standards are governed by the International Federation of Sport Shooting ( in English, International Shooting Sport Federation , ISSF ), an international organization based in Germany, is the organization that governs the sport shooting internationally and is in charge of holding regular competitions and events in each of their disciplines. The practice of this sport requires training and discipline, use of personal protective equipment (PPE ) , safety goggles and protective auditivo.El Olympic shooting sports program is essential, consists of 15 different events : 9 for men (M = male ) and 6 for women ( F = female), in three different disciplines , five shooting events with rifles , five pistols and five skeet shotgun . The Olympic program was changed to the Beijing Olympics 2008 and the number of shooting events increased from 17 to 15 . Despite the reduction was greater participation , 390 shooters from over 100 countries participated in this edition of the Olympic Games every four years

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