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Music is the most direct art, enters the ear and to the heart.

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In 1921, Guccio Gucci opened a leather goods company and small luggage store in his native Florence. Though his vision for the brand was inspired by London, and the refined aesthetic of English nobility he had witnessed while working in the Savoy Hotel, his goal on returning to Italy was to ally this classy sensibility with the unique skills of his native Italy. Specifically, with the master craftsmanship of local Tuscan artisans.Faced with a shortage of foreign supplies during the difficult years of Fascist dictatorship in Italy, Gucci began experimenting with atypical luxury materials, like hemp, linen and jute. One of its artisans’ most subtle innovations was burnishing cane to create the handle of the new Bamboo Bag, whose curvy side was inspired by a saddle’s shape. An ingenious example of “necessity as the mother of invention”, the bamboo became the first of Gucci's many iconic products. A favorite of royalty and celebrities alike, the bag with burnished handle remains a huge favorite today.During the Fifties, Gucci again found equestrian inspiration with its trademark green-red-green web stripe, derived from a traditional saddle girth. It became an instant success and an instantly recognizable hallmark of the brand. Opening stores in Milan and New York, Gucci started to build its global presence as a symbol of modern luxury.With the passing of Guccio Gucci in 1953, his sons Aldo, Vasco, Ugo and Rodolfo took over the business.In 1981 Gucci staged its first ever runway show inFlorence.

In 1982, Gucci became a public limited company, and leadership passed to Rodolfo's son, Maurizio Gucci, who held 50 percent of the company’s shares. In 1987, Investcorp, a Bahrain-based investment company, began buying into Gucci, eventually completing the purchase of all the company’s shares in the early Nineties.Gucci continues to focus on strengthening the values upon which its enviable reputation has been founded for its almost 90-year history: exclusivity, quality, made in Italy, Italian craftsmanship, and fashion authority. Setting it apart from its competitors, Gucci is able to claim a unique duality in its brand positioning pairing modernity and heritage, innovation and craftsmanship, trendsetting and sophistication.At the beginning of the new decade, the Florentine House launched two relevant projects which are united by a common philosophy of respect and care towards others, values that have been part of Gucci’s DNA and that of its employees since the company was founded: a worldwide eco-friendly program to reduce its impact on the environment, and the launch of Gucci’s first children's collection, which further highlights the brand’s reputation for quality and relevance by being exclusively made in Italy.
Gucci is world-renowned for its impeccable Italian craftsmanship and its unique blend of luxury heritage and fashion authority. Established in Florence in 1921, its iconic Made In Italy style has become synonymous with elegance, sophistication and desirability.Made in Italy is an integral part of the essence of Gucci and goes beyond being a mere slogan. It is a cultural approach, a know-how that took generations to build, and a genuine mission that has allowed Gucci to become one of the world’s most desirable luxury fashion brands.Even today Gucci remains very much linked to Italy’s Tuscan region as it did ninety years ago when Guccio Gucci first created his first leather bag. Since the opening of its original workshop in Florence on Via delle Caldaie, and throughout its expansion in the Seventies and Eighties into new headquarters at Casellina, outside of Florence, the House continues to grow its strong relationship with its home territory.Today, Gucci’s Made In Italy production coupled with a strong social responsibility towards its employees ensures that 100% of its leather goods, shoes and ready to wear are still produced in its Florence workshops, employing over 45,000 people in Italy alone, in addition to Gucci’s own employees.  This handcrafted legacy passed down through generations of artisan families, continues to be an immense source of pride for Gucci and has made a huge contribution to its position as a worldwide leader in the luxury business.
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Olympic or sporting shooting

Target shooting is a sport that involves testing precision and concentration in handling a gun or compressed air . All standards are governed by the International Federation of Sport Shooting ( in English, International Shooting Sport Federation , ISSF ), an international organization based in Germany, is the organization that governs the sport shooting internationally and is in charge of holding regular competitions and events in each of their disciplines. The practice of this sport requires training and discipline, use of personal protective equipment (PPE ) , safety goggles and protective auditivo.El Olympic shooting sports program is essential, consists of 15 different events : 9 for men (M = male ) and 6 for women ( F = female), in three different disciplines , five shooting events with rifles , five pistols and five skeet shotgun . The Olympic program was changed to the Beijing Olympics 2008 and the number of shooting events increased from 17 to 15 . Despite the reduction was greater participation , 390 shooters from over 100 countries participated in this edition of the Olympic Games every four years

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My favorite carton

 Is a franchise, which originally started out as a RPG video game, but due to its popularity it has managed to expand to other entertainment media such as television shows, card games, apparel, among others, becoming a brand that is recognized in the world market .

The video game series is developed by Japanese programmer software company Game Freak, with characters created by Satoshi Tajiri for the toy company Creatures Inc., and in turn distributed by Nintendo. The mission in these games is to capture and train Pokemon (creatures whose name names the game), so far reaching number 718. The possibility to exchange he will get a popularity which resulted in a sales success and the consequent emergence of an animated series, movies and miscellaneous merchandise such as stuffed animals, toys and cards. 

  That means POKEMON
 The word Pokémon is the romanized contraction of the Japanese brand Pocket Monsters literally "Pocket Monsters", as such contractions are very common in Japan. 
In English, the word Pokémon is spelled with accent acute accent, although this sign is available in the routine use of this language. This is because by joining the words Pocket Monster Poke-Mon was obtained. The problem is that, under the rules of English, this is pronounced as pouk mon. In a few other cases (such as pronounced killed / Matei / and mean mate) you can put English accent over the "e" to this rule, resulting in the name "Pokémon".


When the creator , Satoshi Tajiri , was young , one of his favorite pastimes was collecting and insect collection . Tajiri went to the city of Tokyo to study , because his father wanted him to be engineer. However, Tajiri did not like the idea of ​​studying and more devoted to hobbies like video games . Time passed and Tajiri came to work playing some test games magazines , along with Ken Sugimori , who made ​​a great friendship. In 1989 they created a magazine called Game Freak . With the success of the NES , the two decided to create something innovative for the console, and Tajiri Game Freak decided to become a company. He started working on a puzzle game called Mendel Palace ( known in Japan as Quinty ), which was released in 1989 , obtaining success , which marked the beginning of the company history . The following year, the two had decided to create a game for the Game Boy . Tajiri to see the Game Link Cable, had the idea of ​​a game where you could transfer information from one to another Game Boy . Influenced by franchises such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, Tajiri associated the idea of metamorphosis. Tajiri created an RPG where monsters could evolve and be transported from one handheld to another.


Existential Types 18 bath Los Que organize itself one pokémon. Types steel and sinister Were added in 2000, at the Games in Gold, Silver and Crystal and the fairy story WAS ADDED 2013 in Games Pokémon X and Y. The Pokémon can learn different attacks to their flats. For EXAMPLE, Kabutops (Water / Rock) How can the Movement's Pokémon Giga drained ground floors.

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Why Did I Decide Studying Ing.. Sistemas

Systems engineering is an interdisciplinary focus mode that allows to study and understand the reality, in order to implement or optimize complex systems. It can also be seen as the technological application of systems theory to the efforts of engineering, taking in all this work the system paradigm. Systems Engineering integrates other disciplines and specialty groups into a team effort forming a focused development process. I like the engineering systems because since childhood I call to attention the technology and gradually I discovered my ability to manage technology and all its issues, I am a person that me and developed empirically and I just like. .

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Milan Duchek

Three Czech companies have teamed up to make a prototype of an electric bicycle that successfully took off Wednesday inside an exhibition hall in Prague and landed safely after a remote-controlled, five-minute flight.Looking like a heavy mountain bike, it weighs 95 kilogram (209 pounds). It has two battery-power propellers in the front, two in the back and one each on the sides.A dummy rode in the saddle.Milan Duchek, technical director of Duratec, a bicycle frames maker, says more powerful batteries will be needed before a human takes a two-wheeled flight.By now we have seen everything: bicycles rocket reaching 260 km / h , speed projectors on handlebar bike transparent ... but never a bike - helicopter. And over that really fly . That's just what we have developed several companies in the Czech Republic. Perhaps the most surreal ( and useless ) invention so far this year, but it 's fun. You can see it in action below . Three companies of the Czech Republic have teamed up to create this prototype electric bike with two giant turbines in the front and rear and two smaller on the sides to maintain stability. Its creators began to fly for five minutes with a doll instead of pilot case ... The flight was more or less a success , took off , stayed in the air and landed safely . And it is not enough : the engines had to lift the 95 that weighs entire structure.

According Milan Duchek , technical manager of the project , more powerful before a person can ride safely batteries are needed. Although the question is : why ? If someone sees a future full of flying bicycles similar to this (which , moreover , would cost a fortune)

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my favorite car

Preferred EL car for me is the Rolls Royce, I think there is a dynamic car, Elegant, Luxurious, Styled Personalizado.Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, a new luxury carmaker owned by BMW, which began deliveries of its first model, the Phantom, in January 2003. 

These cars are Britanicos Home BMW which was separated as Rolls Royce since 1904 creating his model "10 hp" manufactured by Royce Limited to present. This car I like it in general because it has a unique elegance is unmatched, it is a favorite of many as Arcangel, Daddy Yanke, john lennon, mercury freddie and other artists of the world famous these cars have bodywork done manually and it is of great quality.

To have my whole car roll royce logo is a real power machine elegance power and strength, unlike a Ferrari qe is more sporty and aerodynamic this class is more more more executive presence as a Mercedes Benz which is also an auto executive style, more elegant than any other car.

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My favorite singer ♛

My favorite singer is arcangel.Nacio 23 December 2006 1985.Yo will listen to my 9 year edad.Me like his lyrics, his singing, his voice, his attitude and lots .una favorite songs is "Do not know if was".my favorite song of the is "Por amar a ciegas" and "No se si fue".His first album was "" that was launched in 2008 with arcanhjgel and Don Omar Tempo recorded the songs on the album are:

- Me He Enamorado De Ti
- Te Falta
- Quimica Sustancia
- Historia De Amor
- Vamos En Un Viaje
- Pa' Que La Pases Bien