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martes, 28 de enero de 2014

My favorite carton

 Is a franchise, which originally started out as a RPG video game, but due to its popularity it has managed to expand to other entertainment media such as television shows, card games, apparel, among others, becoming a brand that is recognized in the world market .

The video game series is developed by Japanese programmer software company Game Freak, with characters created by Satoshi Tajiri for the toy company Creatures Inc., and in turn distributed by Nintendo. The mission in these games is to capture and train Pokemon (creatures whose name names the game), so far reaching number 718. The possibility to exchange he will get a popularity which resulted in a sales success and the consequent emergence of an animated series, movies and miscellaneous merchandise such as stuffed animals, toys and cards. 

  That means POKEMON
 The word Pokémon is the romanized contraction of the Japanese brand Pocket Monsters literally "Pocket Monsters", as such contractions are very common in Japan. 
In English, the word Pokémon is spelled with accent acute accent, although this sign is available in the routine use of this language. This is because by joining the words Pocket Monster Poke-Mon was obtained. The problem is that, under the rules of English, this is pronounced as pouk mon. In a few other cases (such as pronounced killed / Matei / and mean mate) you can put English accent over the "e" to this rule, resulting in the name "Pokémon".


When the creator , Satoshi Tajiri , was young , one of his favorite pastimes was collecting and insect collection . Tajiri went to the city of Tokyo to study , because his father wanted him to be engineer. However, Tajiri did not like the idea of ​​studying and more devoted to hobbies like video games . Time passed and Tajiri came to work playing some test games magazines , along with Ken Sugimori , who made ​​a great friendship. In 1989 they created a magazine called Game Freak . With the success of the NES , the two decided to create something innovative for the console, and Tajiri Game Freak decided to become a company. He started working on a puzzle game called Mendel Palace ( known in Japan as Quinty ), which was released in 1989 , obtaining success , which marked the beginning of the company history . The following year, the two had decided to create a game for the Game Boy . Tajiri to see the Game Link Cable, had the idea of ​​a game where you could transfer information from one to another Game Boy . Influenced by franchises such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, Tajiri associated the idea of metamorphosis. Tajiri created an RPG where monsters could evolve and be transported from one handheld to another.


Existential Types 18 bath Los Que organize itself one pokémon. Types steel and sinister Were added in 2000, at the Games in Gold, Silver and Crystal and the fairy story WAS ADDED 2013 in Games Pokémon X and Y. The Pokémon can learn different attacks to their flats. For EXAMPLE, Kabutops (Water / Rock) How can the Movement's Pokémon Giga drained ground floors.

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